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Kanyago S&C Ltd serves markets such as food and beverage, animal products and nutrition, foodservice, bio-industrial, agricultural, meat & poultry, industrial, price risk management, beauty & personal care, pharmaceutical, and transportation and logistics

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What makes an organization last for more than 40 years? Across the decades, Kanyago S&C Ltd has remained true to the vision of founders.
Kanyago S&C Ltd: helping farmers prosper, connecting markets and bringing consumers the products they're seeking. The company has six global operations: Fumigation and pest control, Food Ingredients & Bio-Industrial, Animal Nutrition, Protein & Salt, Agricultural Supply Chain, and Metals and Shipping. It provides insights to its partners, transforms raw materials into finished goods and moves products around the world.
Kanyago S&C Ltd.’s customers include food, beverage, industrial, pharmaceutical, and personal care product makers, as well as farmers and food service providers. The company has operations in around the world

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