WHY CHOOSE Kanyago Sprayers

We use high standard products which are environmentally friendly and meet the Ugandan standard, performance standards, reliability and life span make for cost efficiency and full product guide and specifications available on request.


Meat Packing and Selling

Kanyago Sprayers and Cleaners is the best processor and exporter of beef (Cow Meat) and Chevon (Goat Meat). Operating out of multiple subsidiaries, the company is widely known for its prepared meat
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Fruits and vegetables

Kanyago Sprayers and Cleaners provide high value exportation of Fresh fruits, we mostly do all across the agricultural and agro-processed products such as Passion Fruits, Ovacado, Pineapples ,Mangos
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Agricultural Machinery

We deal with all Agricultural machinery related that can be used in farming or other agriculture activities we deal with many types of equipment, from hand tools and power tools to tractors and the co
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Cocoa Processing and Export

Kanyago do Cocoa Processing and Export to different countries like Nairobi, Belgium and Qatar. We process only the choicest premium cocoa beans without any blending. Cocoa Processing Company
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Sensitization of Farmers on Good Agricultural Practices

Sensitization To Farmers Is More Important Than Farming. Kanyago do sensitization of Farmers on Good Agricultural Practices, Code of Practices and Food Safety
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Fumigation and Pest Control

Space Fumigation (warehouses, office structures, residential structures, farms, shipboards, restaurants, hospitals, hostels, hotels, dormitories and more)
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